In working with a variety of clients in several different industries (B2B Services, B2C Products/Services) whose needs have ranged over a variety of services and solutions, I’ve always favored a collaborative approach, especially with the more complex situations. I’ve also favored creative problem-solving as a valuable contribution to solutions. Nearly all of my personal recommendations speak to that.

Through sales, account development, and business development efforts, I’ve helped section and department managers, executive business managers, and SME business owners to:

  • grow their business through growth consulting,
  • successfully design new products,
  • achieve cost-savings by improving operations,
  • capture more business by adhering to stricter quality standards,
  • increase sales through an improved brand image,
  • get their communications (written and verbal) translated into other languages to reach global markets.

Through marketing & sales development efforts, I’ve helped to:

  • establish or improve marketing strategy and tactics,
  • obtain substantial data through business research
  • determine how to improve the approach to customers and prospects
  • implement marketing tactics, including email, telephone outreach, publishing and direct mail, 
  • establish or improve Website development strategy, tactics, layout and content.

In community volunteer support, I’ve applied my skills to:

– Communications & Publicity Committee / Website Maintenance: Ojai Valley Green Coalition
– Steering Committee guidance: Ojai Food Coop
– Events Implementation Support: Ojai Film Festival
– Business Mentoring: Mentorship Works, Santa Barbara
– Running, reviving, and improving a local community Civic Council as President/COB.

* You can reach me at: Chris@ChristopherAnacker.com
* You can find my LinkedIn profile here. And, you can send me a LinkedIn Connection Invite for consideration using this URL: http://bit.ly/1Fu8HoP